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Gotham City Sirens

BelleChere as Catwoman (cowl by Reevz FX)

Mary Anne as Harley Quinn

Tallest Silver as Poison Ivy

We had so much fun together! I LOVE it when I can be in a costuming group with friends. It’s even better that this wound up being spur-of-the-moment - we decided to do this together on Wednesday, right before we saw STAR TREK together. We wound up playing Rock Band together, walked around the con, and just laughed and had a great time. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a Batman! Next time. He doesn’t stand a chance.

Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography

I honestly don’t remember when the last time I had THIS much fun at a con. Seriously. THE SHENANIGANS WE GOT INTO, YOU GUYS. THE SHENANIGANS. You don’t even know. And then we ended up having our own mini-slumber party and just. Yes. Perfection. 

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